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As you'll notice from other information on this site, I established this firm with a few goals. Providing clients a different legal experience was part of that. To that end, I made the decision to operate the firm virtually. Walnut paneling, large desk and polished conference tables are all nice, but in the end the question becomes are they necessary and worth the cost.

By not having a brick and mortar site, I can control expenses and pass the savings along to my clients. One of the largest concerns for people needing legal representation is "how much will this cost." Cost is easily one of the biggest hurdles--so we just address it head-on and try to offer as much savings in as many ways as we can. 

That said, we offer flexibility on "meeting" and meetings. We can offer virtual meetings, come to your home or place of business, or we can arrange on-demand office space and conference rooms as situations dictate. 

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